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River Group, Fish, Maven & River Sounds to work from home due to COVID-19 warnings – effective immediately

17th March 2020

Given the UK Prime Minister’s daily statement on 16 March 2020 recommending working from home if possible for London workers, the River Group Board ha...

Thought Leadership

The forces that are changing the shape of membership

11th October 2019

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. So said a teen icon back in the 1980s, when your PC had ...

Thought Leadership

Future-proofing your membership organisation

3rd October 2019

To future-proof something is to enable it to continue to be of value in the distant future; in essence, to ensure that it does not become obsolete. Th...

Thought Leadership

Re-evaluating membership organisations: what it means to be a member

15th August 2019

We all have the primal needs of food, shelter, safety, love and esteem. And it’s these needs that drive all our motivations.

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Success Around The Table

13th March 2019

We had a brilliant time talking with representatives from 15 fantastic membership organisations at the inaugural Fish Roundtable last week at The Ivy ...

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A Wrap Up of 2018 and Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

30th January 2019

River’s Head of Digital Content Experience, Pares Tailor, tells us what grabbed his attention in 2018 and what digital trends to look out for this yea...

Thought Leadership

Commercial Revenue or Not? That is the Question | 3 min read

22nd January 2019

I keep getting into a loop on a particular debate. Membership organisations with static income and rising prices need new revenue streams. Fact. Not a...

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Fish on the Menu at the Ivy | 2 min read

21st January 2019

We are all very busy folks with little time to stop and reflect. It is also sometimes quite hard for membership professionals to justify the cost of a...

Thought Leadership

River Group and Fish Membership Predictions in 2044 | 4 min read

26th December 2018

At the last count there were, if you include the unions, more than 500 professional membership organisations in the UK with around 20 million members....