Thought Leadership

Fish on the Menu at the Ivy | 2 min read

We are all very busy folks with little time to stop and reflect. It is also sometimes quite hard for membership professionals to justify the cost of attending seminars and conferences on the generic subjects on offer. Needs can be very specific and particular and change regularly. We sometimes need to be granular.


There are various agencies that provide annual research and that is OK. It does a job and it gives you an indication of what others are doing and benchmarks your own activity. But it does not solve an issue you have or even let you have a discussion on options.


Human nature is about communication and sharing common problems with like-minded people and nothing is new in the World. Someone else has the same issue somewhere.


We recognise this and our mission is to get membership professionals meeting in a relaxed environment to do exactly that. No pitching, no sales speak, no presentations and no cost to you. This is an investment not a revenue stream.


The first two are at the Ivy in London in March with a three hour lunch after a glass of champagne or two. Pure networking and sharing of thoughts. These we will try and capture and share with everyone.


If you are interested in the first ones, drop me an email to and I will keep you informed of availability and of all the other activity we have planned in 2019.