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The Membership Agency
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At Fish, we’re passionate about helping membership and charity organisations succeed. 
Every year, many thousands of organisations settle for second best, often owing to their small scale and even smaller budgets. But at Fish, we’re changing all that. We’re here to help you achieve more with less, to ensure you remain competitive, relevant and effective. 

London Resources with Regional Agility
We deliver all levels of content to organisations that have a membership base, whether it’s a charity or a professional, consumer or corporate business. We provide the expertise and tools to build new revenue streams, strengthen relationships with current members and develop strategies to attract more. Our goal is to help improve your reputation, increase retention, acquisition and revenue by creating engaging omnichannel content that effectively communicates your brand’s message, vision and tone of voice.
Our success is in understanding membership organisations and their internal and external challenges.
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Fish is part of The River Group. This makes us well-resourced in the engine room and focused, agile, flexible, fast and cost-efficient on deck.

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Constructive Consultative Solutions
Strategic Advice and Consultancy

Receive direction and insight on shifting attitudes to loyalty, along with advice on new possibilities for your organisation. You may have declining member numbers or need to monetise your assets, develop a digital strategy or seek new strategic thinking in your organisation. We’ve been there and can help shape your brief, as well as deliver on it.


We offer a wide range of publishing services, which include magazine design, redesign, editorial content, print and production, comms materials, supplements, books and reports, and advertising sales and sponsorships.

Designing, Branding and Marketing

These three core elements work hand in hand but are equally important separately. From campaigns to exhibition stands, we make sure your communications are visually brand consistent and impactful, while perfectly representing your brand values.

Media Sales

We help you commercialise your magazines, media, and digital content. All membership organisations need page revenue and sponsorship to offset their costs. Our sales teams deliver impressive revenues, often from a standing start. And, yes, it is possible to publish a self-funding title in this day and age – with the right member profile and advertising sales approach.


We can redesign or rebuild your website, build you an app, design segmented email campaigns for specific member cohorts, and ensure potential new members find you online by ensuring your content is SEO friendly. In addition, we can create a social media strategy to increase your online presence, which would include the creation of video and photographic assets for platforms such as Instagram, Linkedln and Facebook.


We’ll help you understand what your audience is thinking, measure what is working in your organisation, track ROI and determine your next steps for growth. We’ll help you connect and engage with your current audience and develop a strategy to attract new customers and keep them.

New Revenue Streams

All marketing should lead to driving revenue. Do you have limited revenue streams or a need to grow them? We’ll help you identify potential new revenue streams and improve revenue in those you are already engaged in, effectively and sensitively.

Membership Campaigns

We are experts in managing audiences, whether you need better acquisition, engagement or retention, or improved data collection and data management. Managing your members expectations is at the core of what we do.

We recognise that every organisation has similar challenges but very different needs
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Most organisations have a long-term view of where they want to be but don’t necessarily know the best way to get there. They are accountable to stakeholders, both internally and externally, and cannot be seen to waste funds. They have good staff, resources and structures, and are experts in their field. Often, though, they need change to survive and grow as a business. Which means they need a plan of action that makes sense to all stakeholders for the organisation to progress.

At Fish we don’t recommend anything until we understand you, your members, your structure, your governance and your culture. Our next step is to understand what it is you need and when you need it, the issues you are facing along the way, and – importantly – how we can measure success.

Put simply, we look at your needs as an organisation first, then at your audience, and lastly at the solutions that will help you achieve your organisational objectives. We are channel-agnostic across strategy, design and editorial through to creation, production and execution, results and analysis. Use us as your full-service agency or plug and play with our planning and delivery teams on specific projects.

Our parent company, The River Group, has London’s best planners, digital teams, designers, wordsmiths, content strategists and sales teams. The River Group is the UK’s best and brightest content agency, working with large membership organisations, sometimes globally, as diverse as Weight Watchers, The Co-op, Diabetes UK, the Ramblers and Everywoman.

At Fish, we utilise the expertise, buying power and talent of a large London content agency, and we deliver regionally with flexibility. It’s not London versus local: you get the expertise of both agencies without the associated costs. 

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Your Lead Team
Nicola Murphy
Founder of The River Group twenty-five years ago, and with interests in several other businesses and agencies, Nicki is a marketer by trade and is passionate about it. Before founding River in 1994, she had an extensive career in marketing that involved working in publishing, and before that, in marketing for six years at Procter & Gamble. Nicki is a regular conference speaker and a proud mum of two children and four stepchildren, three dogs and seven cats. She lives in a barn in the country which is completely mouse free due to the seven cats! She is a big supporter of the PPA, and an active member of FIPP and the Marketing Society. Nicki is also a four-year director & trustee of The Katie Piper Foundation, and a previous media board member for Leonard Cheshire Disability. Favourite Fish? Any that’s edible.

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If you are thinking about a change in your content strategy or don’t believe you are getting the results you deserve from your membership comms then let’s have an informal chat.We’d love to show you how we would approach things. Even if you aren’t in the market right now, please feel free to drop by – we always like to meet new people.That is unless we have Gone Fishing.

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